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Episode 10: Lantern [NEW]

In happier times, a teenage Chuck reads ''The Adventures of Mabel'' to a young Jimmy in a tent in their backyard. Chuck stops and reassures a frightened Jimmy that Mabel will be alright; let Chuck continue, and he'll see. When he begins reading again, the camera zooms in on their gas lantern, hissing as the screen fills with light...

Episode 10: Lantern

As Season three of Better Call Saul wraps up, there is at least one unexpected development. After the seemingly darker path for Jimmy McGill last week, the short, sharp shock of Kim's car accident actually pushes him in a more positive, if penitent (and probably temporary), direction. Concerned with taking care of his injured girlfriend, it feels as though Jimmy's conscience starts weighing on him more than in the last couple of episodes, and he attempts to make amends for what he's done to the likes of Chuck and poor Irene Landry. Of course, he can never quite find what he's looking for from his older brother, and the blistering scene between Michael McKean and Bob Odenkirk that falls midway through this episode is a McGill stand-off for the ages. As Chuck coldly dismisses his earnestly apologetic brother with "you never mattered" after telling him he would be better off embracing his destructive side, we all know what that could do to Jimmy's brain, even if he does spend the rest of the episode trying to make things right with Mrs. Landry.

But Chuck also seems to be feeling his conscience nagging at him. Fresh out of leaving HHM with a rich settlement (funded personally by former partner Howard), there's another chance for McKean to shine this week as he sends Chuck spiraling back into the grip of his condition, shutting down the power and obsessively trying to track down the source of some random electrical activity. His destroying the power meter is effective, but it's outdone by that shocking final moment: after slowly kicking a table on which a lantern rests, the lamp falls and starts a blaze. A typical example of the Saul writing team's favourite trick, we suppose, writing themselves into a corner as an exercise in helping to discover what comes next. But with no renewal on the table just yet, we hope they get the chance to find that answer.

With no appearance from Mike Ehrmantraut this week, the rest of the episode's focus was either on Chuck or Nacho, who is trying to accept that Don Hector is insistent on using his father's business for his new drug smuggling route. But after a superbly tense scene between Papa Varga and Hector, things take a further turn later that night when Juan Bolsa (Javier Grajeda) and Gus Fring show up to inform Hector that he's under orders not to start his transporting side of the business up again. Mark Margolis is handed a spitfire moment of fury (something he does very well) before the rage appears to affect his heart condition and he falls to the ground. It's an amazing moment, and one, we suspect that may finally lead to the Hector we know and lov... Well, fear in Breaking Bad.

Chuck rose and fell and then rose and fell again throughout the course of these ten episodes. He got the upper hand over his brother with a surreptitious recording, and was then exposed and humiliated in a courtroom. That experience placed him on a genuine road to recovery that saw him make significant progress and start to get his life back together, just for it all to come crashing down. Likely for good.

Chuck is back in his space blanket while living under lantern lighting. He keeps kicking the table in front of him so that the lantern can break onto the floor and start a fire. The camera cuts to an exterior shot of his house going up in flames.

Ben 10 VS Green Lantern is the 109th episode of Death Battle, featuring Ben Tennyson from the Ben 10 series and Green Lantern from DC Comics in a battle between green-clad versatile space heroes. Ben was voiced by Nicholas Andrew Louie and Green Lantern was voiced by Bradley Gareth.

Lanterns were a popular design feature on domes in the Renaissance. The prevailing minds of the day insisted on some type of adornment atop domed structures. Some lanterns were also useful because they enabled ventilation much like a chimney, and, if large enough, could admit light into the area below. Since they were a prominent feature wherever they were used, their design and construction was a subject of great anticipation and debate.

The lantern was finally completed on May 30, 1471, when the bronze cross was set on top the brass ball. The 7-foot diameter ball and its gilded cross were constructed to a design by Andrea del Verrocchio. The interior of the ball is accessible from the lantern platform by means of a stairway and a series of ladders through one of the hollow pilasters.

Florentine skepticism The stone chosen for the lantern was bianchi marmi, the renowned white marble found in the Apuan Alps surrounding the city of Carrara. The large quarries blot the mountainside, and in the winter, the marble can easily be mistaken for snow.

Construction Construction of the lantern proceeded without the great master Filippo, although it was his invention and construction of the unique cranes that made the end result possible. His machines hoisted the great stones to their lofty summit, allowing the stonemasons to apply their trade and produce this profound mantle for the great dome.

Although Filippo was no longer around to direct the work and solve the day-to-day challenges the lantern presented, his legacy of design and invention surpassed his mortality and enabled completion of this magnificent edifice.

Rough times In the years since its completion, the lantern has not fared entirely well. Although its form is substantial, and its design braces it well for the wind, it has proven susceptible to other elements. In 1492, it was struck by lightning, causing a large block of marble to fall to the floor inside the cupola. It was struck by lightning again in 1601, this time destroying the ball and cross as well as much of the lantern structure.

On close inspection, some distress is visible in the lantern marble, and this is thought to be caused primarily by settlement movement. However, even with its centuries of wear, the climb to the top of Il Duomo remains a magnificent experience, especially for architects with an interest in Renaissance architecture and construction.

We will explore this exciting part of our adventure in episode 12, The Dome Today, when we will walk the 464 steps to the lantern terrace and view the wonderful Florentine panorama. There is no better way to appreciate Brunelleschi and his work fully than to stand on the marble lantern floor with the City of Florence below and the Tuscan breeze caressing your hair.

However, a Green Lantern story is not the same without Hal and John's fellow Lanterns as the supporting cast. A show like Lanterns would benefit from having multiple beloved members of the Green Lantern Corps work with the two main characters for one episode or across the entire series.

However, Lanterns could take a page out of DC's Earth-2 which changed Alan Scott to be a member of the Green Lantern Corps. An episode of Lanterns could go back in time to the Golden Age and show Alan Scott temporarily wear the Green Lantern ring or feature Alan Scott meet Hal Jordan via the multiverse.

In the Green Lantern lore, Abin Sur is often referred to as the greatest officer of the Green Lantern Corps, hence why Hal Jordan often has to prove himself. Lanterns could properly showcase this by having an episode dedicated to Abin Sur on a case prior to his murder.

Another viable option for Abin Sur would be to make his stories a secondary plot. With Hal Jordan and John Stewart investigating their cases in the modern day, the episodes will feature flashbacks to Abin Sur since he and Hal Jordan share the same Power Ring.

Other adaptations depict Kilowog as the apprentice of a rather strict commanding officer, explaining why he's the hard-headed Lantern that he is. If he appears for only one episode or remains a recurring support character, Kilowog is likely to be a show-stealing favorite.

Mogo would actually be the second time James Gunn adapted a living planet, the first being Ego in Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2, but Mogo is almost opposite. The planet fights for good and is a mighty source of willpower; this makes him the ideal Lantern that an entire episode or arc could focus on.

That concept of Sinestro's betrayal is perfect for the Lanterns series; the first episode could open with a Lantern being murdered thus leading Hal and John down a rabbit hole that leads them to discover that Sinestro is the killer. His defeat would also be the ideal way to set up the rise of the Sinestro Corps of Yellow Lanterns.

Maxy Spoooooky Lantern: The top fell in on the lantern, but it is hanging, which filled the brief, and it is delicious. The macaroons inside make up for the lantern fail, even though they're large and dense.

Syabira Itsy Bitsy Spider: It's astonishing in the words of Prue, and I quite agree. She even got it to light up, the only lantern that is a LANTERN. It cracked perfectly and yet stayed hanging. Besides one of her treats having too much truffle, her flavors are loved.

There's no contest today in who should take home Star Baker: Syabira got a handshake, took first in the Technical, and is the only one whose lantern was lit. Even Paul admits no one else comes close. As for who is heading home, Dawn has been here at least a week past her expiration date, and it's time for her to say trick or treat and head to the next tent.

Now in the very last episode of 'Arrow', that long-running plot thread has finally been resolved. In the final moments of 'Arrow' Season 8 Episode 10 'Fadeout', we see Diggle and his family preparing to leave Star City and move to Metropolis, but before he can leave Diggle is distracted by what appears to be a meteor falling from the sky. Except it's not a meteor at all. In fact, it's a strange box that's filled with a bright green light and even though we don't see the traditional welcoming message or see the actual ring, Green Lantern fans know that this is the moment Diggle gets inducted into the Green Lantern Corps. Ahead of the finale, David Ramsey told TVLine on January 24 that the mystery of whether or not he is the future 'Green Lantern' would finally be answered in the episode. 041b061a72


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